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Student Banking

This special package of products and services is ideal for young adults who are graduating from high school and starting their college education. It’s designed to meet your needs while in school and after graduation when you enter the workforce and start to climb the financial ladder.

Free Checking

No minimum balance requirement, for full-time undergraduate or graduate students, including high school seniors preparing for further education.

Free Supply of Checks

Your first order of special duplicate checks is provided free of charge.  You can also choose from additional styles and designs at standard pricing.

Check Truncation

This is an added security feature that helps prevent the growing problem of Identity Theft, especially where cancelled checks with personal information could be lost or stolen in a college dormitory.

Free VISA Debit Card

With Huntingdon Valley Bank’s VISA debit card, students will be less likely to be short on cash when it comes to buying books, supplies or filling up the gas tank.  Students can use the card to pay for purchases or to tap into funds that parents deposited.

Surcharge Refunds

We’ll reimburse you for up to four ATM surcharges per statement cycle if you can’t locate an ATM that does not impose these fees. The refund appears on your monthly statement immediately after the ATM transaction is posted.*
There are hundreds of surcharge-free ATMs located in convenience stores throughout the region and you may find similar stores near your school.
*Refunds cannot be accumulated for future use.

Account Ownership

Accounts can be opened in the student’s name; however, we recommend a joint account with a parent so they can deposit, transfer, or withdraw funds when the student is away at school. After graduation the parent can be removed from the account with their written authorization.

Free Internet Banking with Optional Bill Pay

This allows students to manage their finances whether they are at home or at school…And the optional Bill Pay feature allows the student to make payments without having to keep a supply of checks at school. 

We can also arrange for parents to transfer funds between accounts via internet banking if the account was opened jointly.

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